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Beyond Home and Auto-Insurance You Need

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While the concept of insurance is pretty straightforward, the public generally does not understand its own needs, financial advisors say.

“People think automatically of home and auto insurance and have a comfort level with them,” said Juli McNeely, certified financial planner with McNeely Financial Services and immediate past president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

But where it gets more difficult is with types of insurance that are not required, she said.

“Life, disability, long-term care — these are covering risks that could jeopardize your future savings plans, and they have their own complexities,” said McNeely.

Consumers are missing the boat in many ways.

Life insurance. People tend to be grossly uninsured on the life insurance side, McNeely said, because they believe they’re invincible. They think they can’t afford it, and they lack the knowledge about the need.

“I’ve also heard of husbands saying they weren’t worried about getting life insurance because ‘she’s going to get married again,'” she said.

Keith Gillies, CFP and CEO of United Wealth Advisor Group, said that when it comes to life insurance, “people don’t understand what an amount does and doesn’t do.”

“Five hundred thousand dollars sounds like a lot — until you do the math,” he added.

Long-term care. People also don’t understand major risks of not getting long-term care insurance, Gillies said. “On the financial side, even if you don’t go into a facility, what if you need to hire caregiving help?” he asked. “And if you have a caregiver spouse, what about the risks to their own health?”

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